The Liquidator vs. Retail Difference

We are a Mattress Liquidator – not a retailer

It’s important to understand the difference


We are open Thursday through Sunday to keep our overhead low so that we can continue to pass along the absolute lowest prices to you.

Is there ever a day that mattresses aren’t “on sale”?

Mattresses are always “on sale” or listed as “sale prices”.  Manufacturers actually force retailers to maintain a certain price and they can only go so low on their predetermined “sale prices”.  That’s why all retail mattress stores essentially sell the same beds for the same prices.

Retailers don’t discount their mattresses, they only create the illusion

Retailers will often actually INFLATE the “normal price” of their mattresses just to increase the price of the mattress and then trick you into thinking that their mattress is actually on sale when in all actuality they are selling the bed for the same price that they did last week and the week before that!


We sell the same luxurious name brand beds as the retail stores but we acquire them through special licensing agreements that allow us to sell the SAME BEDS at extraordinarily low prices.  These beds are IDENTICAL to the beds you would pay TWICE AS MUCH for at a retail store!